Safety matters to CQ Field Mining Services.

It is central to our operations. Our work is generally classed as high risk, which means there is no room for even the smallest of safety lapses.

Committed to Safety

We are committed to instilling our safety committment into our people, this includes their right to stop the job as soon as anyone feels unsafe.

Breaches of any requirements or guidelines are unacceptable to CQFMS. To this end, CQFMS is committed to raising its performance in terms of leadership and accountability to achieve a zero harm outcome.

A key component on safety is the development of Safety Principles helping to assist in our people’s hazard perception. CQFMS key Safety Principles are:

  • Compliance. Ensure you understand and comply with the safety and operational requirements for the site where you are working.
  • Line of fire. Don’t allow yourself or other workers to be put in a potentially unsafe position due to personnel being caught in the line of fire of an object or stored energy source.
  • Ricochet. Don’t allow your actions to create a hazard for others.
  • Authorisation. Only perform a task that you are trained, authorised, assessed and competent to conduct.
  • Heights. If you work above 1.8m, or within 1.8m of an unprotected edge you must be authorised, competent and appropriately restrained.
  • Confined space. All personnel to be deemed in a confined space must be trained competent and follow all confined space guidelines.
  • Isolation. Isolate all energy sources and test for dead before commencing any task.
  • Suspended loads. Never allow yourself or others to be under a suspended load.

To instil these safety principles into our people, CQFMS will:

  • Induct all staff on CQFMS policies, processes and procedures, emphasising our Safety Principles.
  • Perform safety testing and regularly and randomly select staff members to complete this testing.
  • Perform challenge testing by supervisors – supervisors to challenge workers on safety aspects associated with the task being performed, the CQFMS Safety Principles and ensure compliance and knowledge.
  • Meet regularly with client representatives to ensure that safety and operation requirements currency is maintained.
  • Use in house safety forums every 3 months for all CQFMS employees to meet, discuss safety issues, any new safety briefs released, provide a refresher session on CQFMS’s Safety Principals and ensure amendments are made to address any deficiencies.
  • Ensure that changes to safety and operational requirements are advised to all CQFMS people.
  • Reinforce to our people that breaches of our key Safety Principles are a dismissible offence.

CQFMS believes that the Safety Principles combined with the actions detailed above will result in it maintaining our current zero harm status.